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    Please Note: On this form "NJLMN Email" refers to the email address of an NJLMN Account.

  • Anyone you specify on this form must have an NJLMN Account in order for the NJLMN System Administrator to assign Course Sponsor Privileges; if they do not have an account, ask them to go to the NJLMN Public Tool, click the CREATE ACCOUNT link in the right sidebar and create their own account.

  • If you/the persons you reference are not sure if you have an account, use the FORGOT PASSWORD function (Public Tool, right sidebar). Enter in your email address, if an account exists with that email address, the password will be emailed to that address; if not account exists, the system will display a message to that effect.


1. Your Name:

2. Your NJLMN email address:
3. Sponsoring Organization:

4. Below list any other organizations for which you submit courses:

5. Are you the Manager/Administrator for your SPONSORING ORGANIZATION?
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a. If YES, what is your title?

Do you wish to add an account for an assistant to your NJLMN Course Sponsor account? If so, please provide your assistant's:
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b. If NO, who is your primary contact for SPONSORING ORGANIZATION?
6. Are you the only person who submits courses for your organization?
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If NO, please provide the following information on others who will be submitting courses for your organization.
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Name: NJLMN Email:
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