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What is a Course Sponsor?

Course Sponsors assist in the creation of courses and trainings for New Jersey's public health workforce. Most Course Sponsors are NJLMN administrators who request continuing education credits for their organizations' courses from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS). Course Sponsors also advertise their organizations' courses via the NJLMN and other outlets.

Most importantly, NJLMN Course Sponsors are responsible for tracking registration, attendance, and accreditation of courses to ensure that course participants' attendance and continuing education credits are recorded on their NJLMN transcripts.

Should I become a Course Sponsor?

Courses with approved continuing education credits are able to attract more participants. If your organization wants to offer NJDHSS-approved continuing education credits to your course participants, an NJLMN Course Sponsor must submit your course applications to the NJDHSS.

NJLMN Course Sponsors request NJ Public Health Continuing Education (CE) and Leadership Education (LE) credits for participants of their upcoming courses by submitting a Course Credit Application to the NJDHSS. Course Sponsors may advertise NJDHSS-approved credits for their courses in the searchable NJLMN Course Catalog. By becoming an NJLMN Course Sponsor, you have access to:

  1. An easy-to-use online CE/LE credit application process
  2. A prompt credit approval process with online notification
  3. Free promotion of your courses on the NJLMN Course Catalog
  4. Printer-friendly course sign-in rosters and other forms
  5. Electronic registration and attendance activity for all your courses organized by date, course, or location

As a Course Sponsor, you have the ability to electronically update participants' NJLMN transcripts to reflect course attendance and CE or LE credits completed. NJLMN users are able to find and register for your courses online, track their completed continuing education credits, and more efficiently maintain their professional licenses.

How do I become a Course Sponsor?

To become an NJLMN Course Sponsor, you must have an NJLMN account.

  • If you already have an account, Do Not create a new account.
  • If you do not have an account, please create one - Create an Account
  • Not sure if you have an account? Contact the NJLMN General User Support - Contact Us
Once you have an NJLMN account, complete the NJLMN Course Sponsor Account Request Form and click "submit."

When received, your Course Sponsor account request will be processed within 5 business days. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the NJLMN System Administrator with a link to the Course Sponsor website, which includes the easy-to-use online CE/LE credit application form.

Course Sponsor Responsibilities:

As an NJLMN Course Sponsor, you are required to:

  1. Update course attendance records for all courses offered through the NJLMN within 10 days of the course's completion. This is essential for participants who need CE or LE credits to meet their NJ licensing requirements.
  2. Keep attendance records on file for 7 years after the course offering, in accordance with the International Association of Continuing Education Training (IACET) CEU standards.
  3. Ensure participant registration and attendance is recorded on the NJLMN by (1) allowing participant registration online through the NJLMN or (2) personally registering participants on the NJLMN.

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